Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick/kinda Broc n Chz--lizzy original

So I desperately wanted some broccoli and cheese but without all the additional calories, so I made up this!

Quick/Kinda Broc n Chz

*Chopped Broccoli
*1-2 lite string cheese
*2 wedges lite laughing cow, any flavor (I used garlic and herb)

1. Prepare broccoli according to directions.

2. Slice off pieces of the LC wedge and place over broccoli. Peel string cheese and cover top. In mine I only used 1 string cheese and 1 cheese wedge (combine total of 2 WW pts.).

3. Put it over to heat and then serve. *Note: you might want to stir. Next time I think I will add eggwhites too and make it more of a quiche!

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