Monday, September 3, 2012

Easy Banana Bread

So I got bananas last week, and no one ate them, so I froze them. I thought now would be a great time for banana bread as fall is about to begin, so I found this easy recipe on Pinterest. I decided to make the banana bread be a little more like bananas foster, so I made a couple changes. Next time I may even add a little cinnamon!

Easy Banana Bread

* 1 box yellow cake mix
* 2 eggs
* 3 overripe bananas (peel very frozen bananas, don't thaw in peel)
* 1 teaspoon vanilla
* 1/2-1 cup white chocolate chips


1. Mix bananas into mush.

2. Add in cake mix, 2 eggs, and 1t. vanilla. Mix thoroughly.

3. Carefully mix in the white chocolate chips.

4. Spread into a sprayed loaf pan. I still had quite a bit leftover, so I made mini muffins too!

5. Bake at 350 for: 20ish minutes for muffins and 40ish minutes for the loaf.

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