Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hippy Juice Meets HG

This recipe was found on Pinterest here. I took my HG knowledge to create a lighter and yummier version and it turned out great! I also added an ice ring to make it extra cute!

Hippy Juice Meets HG

* Crystal Light Lemonade (Pink and Yellow)
* Coconut Rum
* Watermelon Vodka
* Diet Cranberry Juice
* Club Soda
* 2 Lemons
* 1 box of Strawberries
* Bundt Pan


1. Slice lemons and strawberries and place in the bottom of a bundt pan.

2. Mix 1 pitcher of yellow lemonade. Fill bottom of bundt just up to where the fruit is. You don't want the fruit to float. Place in freezer. Once frozen, add a layer of lemonade and continue a little at a time until desired height. 

3. Pour remainder of the pitcher into a punch bowl. Add half a packet of pink lemonade mix, 1 cup of watermelon vodka, and 2/3 cup coconut rum, and some Diet Cranberry juice (~1-2 cups). Top with desired amount of club soda.

4. When ready to serve bring out frozen ring. Place base in warm water to loosen, then carefully place into the punch bowl. 


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