Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Wine Spritzer Punch

I figured since I just blogged a low cal punch I might as well blog the other one I tried! This was also Pinterest inspired. I would give you the link, but when I clicked on the picture a virus popped up! it is!

Summer Wine Spritzer Punch


* 2 bottles of Moscato (I used Moscato Sangria because it was on sale! :-) )
* 1 pack of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade
* 24 oz. Club Soda
* ~3 cups Sprite Zero
* Fresh berries

1. Make an ice ring like I did in THIS post. I actually planned ahead on this one so I started the ice ring 2 nights before the party. I added 2 additional layers of pink lemonade to the ice ring over time to make it extra big! This time is lasted over 5 hours! 

2. Fill half a pitcher (roughly 3-4 cups) with water and add crystal light pouch and stir.
3. Pour both bottles of wine into punch bowl. Add in lemonade, sprite and top with half of the club soda. Stir.
4. Taste. This step is important. Mine was too sweet, so I added more club add in the rest if you need it!
5. Gently dip ice ring pan into warm water for about a minute (or less) until the ring can move. Very carefully flip into the punch.
6. Top with fresh berries and enjoy!

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